Reading And Writing On My Life

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If I said that reading was important to me right now, I would definitely be lying. I can’t sit down for extended periods of time and enjoy a good book like I used to. When I was in elementary school, and even when I was going into high school, I was never seen without a book. When I was younger I could finish a new book every single week. But it was very easy for me to fall out of love with reading as I was being introduced to new technologies. It started with a Nintendo Wii. Sometimes I find it difficult to admit that I even owned one, but the best way to get over embarrassment is to talk about it right? Never the less, it was the beginning of the end of my love for reading. My earliest recollections about reading and writing were very enjoyable for me. Reading had a huge impact on my life. In a way, I guess you could even say that some of these experiences made me as literate and knowledgeable as I am today. It was the first time in my life that I can truly remember feeling genuinely good about myself. A while after I had gotten a Nintendo Wii, I got my first cell phone. It was a Nokia. Obviously it was nothing special, but at the time it was extremely useful and I loved having it around. I then moved on to own an HTC and now an IPhone. And not long after I got my IPhone, I bought a Playstation 4, an Xbox 360, and a Playstation 2. I honestly believe that technology was the main reason I stopped reading. Now that I have been out of the habit of reading for nearly 6
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