Reading Assignment – 4. Hey, You, Get Off Of My Cloud:

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Reading Assignment – 4

Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud: Exploring Information Leakage in Third-Party Compute Clouds

Shilpa Repala- (U00814466)
The intermediary or third parties of cloud computing resources is so well-known now-a-days. These intermediaries lease a Virtual Machine to a client. A solitary physical machine can provide the functions of numerous Virtual Machines. The current paper clarifies how the existence of various VMs on a solitary physical machine be defenseless against assaults by considering the systems the authors have utilized here as the Amazon EC2 for their contextual analysis. This paper predominantly concentrates on an issue that leads to inter channel information disclosure or leaks (which might happen for the
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Making Amazon EC2 as a research aspect, they demonstrate that it is easy to recognize where a specific target VM is probably going to live (called as network probing) and then start new Virtual Machines until the new one is co-resident with considered target machine (called as co-resident technique). Also with this they investigated how the position of such VM can then lead to cross-talk assaults across various machines and loss of information transparency.
The first approach is to find the DNS by resolving the query and finding the internal IP address associated and the name of the instance. By exploiting the use of a function called map in EC2, we become acquainted with the area of probable suffering VM and all the parameters in regards to the instantiation of instance. Just later to knowing the cartography of cloud, checking if any two instances are dwelling or using the same physical resource is confirmed. In this scenario, this is confirmed by going through the attributes Dom0 IP, Internal IP and round-trip times of the packets. It checks if the Dom0 IP of both instances is same, if there are short round-trip delays and nearer internal IP addresses.
To initiate the instances on exact machine as that of our target machine, we instantiate numerous instances or VMs until it goes exactly to required machine using naïve brute-force approach or we may directly use location of new VM. Brute force approach is advantageous over others in the sense that it may not

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