Reading Behind The Beautiful Forevers

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The feeling of hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen by, however our feeling of hope changes with everyone we meet and every experience we encounter. Reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers was a game-changing experience for my perception of hope, it took away my previous feeling of objectiveness and materialism involved in hope and slid in its place an idea that maybe being hopeful doesn’t require a vision of what of hope may lead to instead that being hopeful itself leads to a brighter outcome. If you could gain anything from reading this roller-coaster of a life-defining experience, I wish at least it changes your perception of how you see hope as a vessel to your desired outcome in life. Scavenging in Mumbai is no easy job, requiring many children to put their lives on the line everyday just make ends meet or some cases to accomplish long-desired goals that personifies the endless hope one can possess. Sunil, a scavenger who kicked out of his orphanage at eleven years’ old soon learned the hardships of living on your own in a time and place where everyone around you struggled. Yet, this never deterred Sunil from accomplishing a simple yet defining goal of his person, Sunil wanted more than anything to be taller than his sister and his means of accomplishing such a goal? Become a better scavenger (Boo 35). Sunil’s drive is best characterized when he walks on a sixty-five-foot-tall ledge above a river to collect…
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