Reading Books On The New Things

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According to a survey about hobbies of 100 people, there are 60 people who told that their hobby is reading book to explore the new things. In addition, I have a newspaper article which talks about a man who spends 30 years to investigate about books. Now, he becomes a famous and successful person. Reading book is the best way to help me create the new and imaginative idea for myself. When some people remind reading books, they usually mention about exploring the world or understanding the culture, learning the history of country, but I have different ideas. I read books to live better and be responsibility person. A book has a valuable thing which often has been written not only an author but also different author. They have to put a lot of resources, mental, even finance into it. After that, that book has just published and showed to people. Therefore, we can summary about the book which has life experience of people who lived and had great experiences. The best way to live is to learn something good of other people throughout pages of the book. We should look at the life famous author who is successful to abridge the gap which we want to fill up closely. I have read the story “Lesson before dying “by Ernest J. Gainer talks about the boy is sixteen years old. He lives with his grandmother and aunt. While he is coming home , his friends call him to go the gas station buy some wine with them, but when they arrive there, his friends change his mind. They go in there…

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