Reading Can Be Challenging, And Most Students Struggle With It

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Reading can be challenging, and most students struggle with it. Evidence has shown that reading strategies is an important aspect between K-6. For some readers they can pronounce the words but the idea of comprehension can be quite challenging for them. Yet they are readers that cannot decode what they are reading. They find it difficult to make meaning of the sentences which brings us to why reading strategies are very important between K-14. I have chosen to do a project on reading strategies because from my experiences so far in placements and different schools I have noticed that is a part that has not really been given as much commitments as they do with writings. In most schools on a Monday the first thing the teacher would ask the…show more content…
This project has been designed to be taken in two sessions and it would be after the staff meeting on Tuesdays. Even though the staff meetings are run every Tuesday there would be a break in between the sessions which means that on the first Tuesday the first session is introduced and taught the following would be for feedback in everyone’s different teams and the week after would be for the second half of the project whilst the last week would be for final feedback and if need be another session could be introduced. This program would run for 30 mins after the staff meetings. In this project the teachers would be working together as a team and working on ways that can make these new reading strategies fun for these students. We would be working on how to make the students take on these reading strategies by including a lot of activities when teaching it. In this project we would be looking at different reading strategies in our reader’s workshop also taking some spelling strategies alongside. For this project to be successful the teachers would have to set some class rules that the students would abide by, one of which could be ask three people before me. These rules would be to further enhance the success of this project and reduce the time the teachers would spend managing the classroom. For instance, if a student stumbles on a difficult word they would ask their reading
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