Reading Challenges

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The text book is large and the subject is complex which makes it somewhat hard to understand at times. I have tried to come up with a plan that will help me read and understand the required material at a higher comprehension level. This book is written for a college level audience, so it is designed to be more complex than lower level textbooks. Also, microbiology is different than a lot of the courses I have taken in the past. Even though I have taken a lot of science courses, this is a more intense biology course than any I have ever taken. Many of the concepts are similar to ones I have studied previously, but they are discussed in a greater depth. Reading the scientific terms can be hard, not necessarily because they are in Latin, but because they are not similar to other terms I have seen before. It is also sometimes difficult to relate the terms to the practical explanations given for them. The text book will have side notes that try and make the concepts easier, but often these are not enough to allow me to fully grasp the concept. However, the most difficult problem is the scholarly articles required for some of the units in the class. The articles are very difficult to interpret because of the scientific language. The plan that I have developed is to work with other people so that we can all understand the reading assignments better. I think this…
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