Reading Choosing Civility For English 102 And Most Useful Assignment Or Activity And Why?

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Prompt 1: To date, what has been your favorite and/or most useful assignment or activity and why? I find that the short writes number nine and ten were my favorite and most useful assignments given. They allowed me to write about myself and what I was doing. Since we had to test the rules stated in Choosing Civility, it allowed me to experience what I was writing about. I enjoyed testing several of the rules because of how complicated some can be to test. It helped me learn that by following some of the rules civility is possible. This was an assignment that did not involve research and more hands on experiences, which I find more enjoyable. Prompt 2: In what way(s) has 102 changed your way of thinking? Reading Choosing Civility in English 102 changed my way of thinking completely. The assignments helped me expand my research and analysis skills. Also, just reading the book opened me up to civility in general. The short write assignments for this book also expanded my understanding of civility. I have found myself being more civil ever since I read the book. Prompt 3: Reflect on the annotated bibliography experience. How did it help you in writing or preparing to write your position paper? Unlike many students, I did not mind doing the annotated bibliography. I found that it took a long time to complete. It was a challenge to find scholarly articles and use the databases. Even though it was time consuming and a challenge if found it beneficial. It was my first
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