Reading Comprehension Case Study

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Case Study: “Lucy”

Amanda M. Cyprowski
Assessment & Instruction in Reading
Mrs. Jennifer Unger
December 4, 2013


Personal Interest Survey Pages 3-5
Elementary Reading Attitude Survey Pages 6-9
Words Their Way: Primary Spelling Inventory Pages 10-13

Burns & Roe: Informal Reading Inventory

Graded Word Lists Pages 14-17
Oral Reading Passages Pages 18-23
Silent Reading Passages Pages 24-29
Listening Comprehension Passages Pages 30-34
Conclusion of Results Pages 35-36
Fountas & Pinnell: Benchmark Assessments
Oral Reading Pages 39-42
Written Retelling Pages 43-47
Results Pages 48-36

Case Study Response Pages 54-68
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After the survey was over, Lucy was walked back to the class where she laid down and began to read a book right away.
Based on the discussion of Lucy’s personal interests inside and outside of school, it may be motivational and effective to inform reading and writing instruction by using her favorite book series, Jack and Annie by Mary Pope Osbourne. The series follows a brother and series through their time travels to places in the past, the future, and places that are only in their imagination. Lucy lit up talking about the book series and mentioned that she would like to take a magic carpet ride to Paris, France to ride around in an “electric wheel chair.” She made it known that the magic carpet ride would have to take place in the future because in the past there was “no sunscreen and everything was cheap.” Since Lucy enjoys time travel and animals, it may enhance her word and reading study by incorporate book with those themes. The Personal Interest Survey was the first assessment to be administered to the student. The next survey to be administered to the student will be the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey.


The Elementary Reading Attitude Survey—a reliable & efficient instrument used by teachers to determine the student’s attitude toward reading which is a central factor affecting reading performance—was administered to Lucy, a 7 year old second grader, on
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