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Jiny Chung Per:8 9/19/12 Lisa See‘s Snowflower and the Secret Fan grabbed my attention from the start. BLily the main character of the book, is very much like me and yet, in some ways,very different. Lily has a strong determination to achieve what every Chinese woman should do back in the days before the revolution of China. When she was young she was destined to be the lao tong, “old same” and to share a deep friendship with Snowflower for the rest of their lives. Lily and Snowflower experience many Chinese traditions together. Both Lily and I work very hard to achieve our goal. We both have good old friends we can support, love and share our feelings with. We both have the heart to help those who are related to us. One of the the…show more content…
Lily would have worked as hard as me because she would think about how rewarding this would be to her in the future. We are very alike in a sense that if we want to something to be done we will work really hard to get it done. Though we are so similar in that way, I think Lily has a different mindset than me. When I am handling a challenge, I don 't look at the positive side of solving it. Lily would finish a challenge because she is calculating the benefits of it in the future. When I am dealing with challenges, I am just focusing on how to finish the task. Lily has a mentally healthier way to cope with challenges than me. I think we have to cling on to hope in daily basis. While we can work hard to achieve our dearest desire by facing numerous challenges, it is easier for anyone to go through the same thing with hope and optimism. When you are struggling to face a problem, it always makes a pleasant difference to think about how rewarding the experience will

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