Reading For Success : I Am A Staple Of My High School Career

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Reading to Success Scribbling in unanswered questions became a staple of my high school career during all test’s that large portions of reading was required. Everybody else in class would finish minutes ahead of the timer while I was always writing until the last possible second. This only added more pressure since I knew every person in the room was now waiting on me to finally finish. Not that it really mattered to them because we all had to share the room for the same amount of time even if I wasn’t still working. The only thing that bothered me was how many questions I would miss due to not finishing the entire test. Luckily I always done exceptionally well on the ones I answered, so my grades didn’t suffer to bad. Then one day in eleventh grade I was sitting in class contemplating my future, and how my standardized test scores would have a major impact. At that moment I realized there was one thing holding me back, my reading. It was just something I hardly ever engaged in during my classes or outside of school. I had great comprehension skills but my reading speed was terrible. Therefor, I went to my Advanced Placement Language teacher, Mrs. Smith and asked for help. I started reading books outside of school on my own time for the first time in years. There was one particular author I greatly enjoyed and that was John Grisham. After a few weeks I was reading an entire book every four or five days. Plus, during a study hall period in school I would go to

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