Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory

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Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory: 2 The first Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory, R-FVII, was developed in published by the American Association on Mental Deficiency in 1975, and later revised in 1981 (Becker, 1981; Becker and Becker, 1983). The most updated version, R-FVII: 2, was developed by Ralph Becker and published by Elbern Publications in the year 2000 (Becker, 2000). Description of the Instrument This inventory was created to measure vocational interests of individuals with disabilities, ages 12-62, in a reading-free format. This test can be used with people who may have physical, intellectual, and or specific learning disabilities. This inventory is also appropriate for individuals whose first language is not English, those who have a mental health diagnosis, or economically disadvantaged populations. The test consists of a series of 55 sets of three drawings each illustrating different job tasks; the individual chooses the most preferred activity in each set. This inventory can be used in multiple settings such as junior and senior high schools, vocational and career training programs, career counseling centers, colleges and can be used by various qualified professionals for example psychologists, counselors, teachers, and paraprofessionals. Scales The test measures 11 different vocational interests areas that fall within 5 cluster dimensions. The 11 vocational interest areas are: • Automotive interest • Building Trades interest •

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