Reading Is A Dynamic Goal Of Education

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Teach to read is a dynamic goal of education; it is proven that reading opens a new world of knowledge and enhance children’s reading expertise. Therefore, there are a lot of reading series that improves children’s reading proficiency, however, the Real Kids Readers are the greatest language arts curriculum based book series for preK-3rd grades that practices a significant phonics centered study. Phonics is defined as a technique of teaching individual to read by connecting sounds (phoneme) with letters (grapheme) or a group of letters in an alphabetic writing system, thus Real Kids Readers book series provides the phonics instruction approaches in an effective way that enhance children’s phonic skills as well as boost their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension aptitudes. Real Kids Readers book series is established on fiction and non-fiction stories along with the actual photographs that help children to understand the story, nevertheless the combination of the real scenario, vivid characters, and live photographs is certified to amuse the young children as well as motivate them to have a keen interest in reading. The objectives of the English Standards of Learning (SOL) are literate students in that way, so they have a full command of English language by developing their oral language, concepts of printed language, letter name knowledge and production, sight word recognition, spelling, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Real Kids
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