Reading Is An Important Action That Teachers

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Reading aloud is an important action that teachers, as well as parents and guardians should take. Reading aloud provides very important foundational skills, introduces and expands vocabulary, provides a model of fluency, and helps children recognize the joy of reading. Storybook experiences expand a child’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. Preschoolers enjoy books that contain colorful illustrations, repetitions, rhymes, and actions. These books include a variety of genres, such as fairy tales, picture books, predictable books, nursery rhymes, and wordless books. When selecting storybooks for children, it is important to keep student’s interest in mind and selecting stories that depict enjoyable experiences. Two storybooks I have chosen to share aloud with a preschool classroom is “The Night Before Preschool,” written by Natasha Wing, and Dr. Seuss’s “Hop on Pop.” The first day of school can always be frightening, no matter which grade you are entering. Preschool can be more frightening, as this is a child’s first year attending school. I would present “The Night Before Preschool” during story time, on the first day of preschool. Before reading the book, I would talk about how everyone feels different emotions on their first day of school, whether those emotions would reflect excitement, nervousness, or shyness. I would also mention how adults get nervous for their first day of work, interviews, and other occasions. After reading the book, I think it would be important
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