Reading Is Important For Students'success

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Reading is fundamental to function in the society. It is important because it develops the mind. Reading develops language skills and comprehension needed to meet the demands of everyday life. In the U.S., there are 45 million people functionally illiterate and reads below 5th grade level (Literacy Project Foundation, n.d.). Books, magazines, comics, newspapers, and resources from the internet are reading outlets wherein they are required the capacity to read and comprehend the content. Teachers are in a quest to find ways to motivate and inspire students to embrace the love of literacy. Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) sometimes known as Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) works so that students who read independently may show significant growth in their vocabulary development and reading comprehension (Cho & Krashen, 2001). Review of the Literature Reading is crucial to students’ success. There are numerous researches and studies conducted in the search for an effective strategy for reading at all levels. However, there are only a few teachers who practice independent reading in their classrooms. Teachers are tied with other components of reading such as phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension embedded in the books selected by the school district. Teachers were instructed to follow the flow of lesson religiously. Present curriculum being used by school districts does not encourage students to read independently. Students are not given opportunities to a

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