Reading Is Outdated, Reading On A Screen Is Evolution

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Reading on paper is outdated, reading on a screen is evolution. The twenty-first century is a time of change nowadays people read on the go. Reading has changed yet it is still important in society recently overtime statistics have shown a decline in reading due to the digital era; with the capability to read digitally there have been benefits, but also some obstacles. Reading is an important part of people 's lives and how society functions. The amount of literature someone reads impacts the amount of success they will have academically( Issitt and Cook 1 of 7). Reading also helps to advance reading skills for later use in life and future jobs it improves the lives of people. Whether engaged in a book, a newspaper or looking at random signs a requirement of basic reading skills is needed for engagement and interpretation of the world surroundings(Hoss 1 of 2).. To be a successful student a reader uses background knowledge for different subjects. Students with the right reading skills can in the future develop this more to a higher academically or professional level(Hoss 2 of 2). Once developed written words are easier to interpret; to their advantage they use the information to better improve their lives(Hoss 2 of 2). There are major problems that arise when someone has little or no reading experience. "A person with low reading ability may not be able to read signs, understand medical information or prescription directions, or apply for jobs that require basic test
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