Reading Is The Way Up And Out And Into A Better Life For These Poor Children

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Books will remain an area that every high schooler hates and every professor loves. Many suggest that reading is nerdy or not social, which makes no sense because in philosophy reading is a key to understanding a certain subject matter. One will not go anywhere in life if reading is not there. Children in rural or third world countries would love to learn to read and write. It is one of mankind’s biggest challenges. The ability to read is the way up and out and into a better life for these poor children. Reading allows the mind to open up to new ideas or thoughts that other activities cannot match, especially watching television or playing video games. I would love to say I have read a lot, but I do not. It is difficult because I have “monkey mind,” where I cannot concentrate on the certain text without having a random thought race through my mind. It will most likely get worse and that is all due to the technology that is flying out to the ever distracted society. It is often told that the Bible is the most stolen book in the world. It is ironic when there is a commandant that says thou stall not steal. The Bible is also always under a microscope, challenged, and even hated. As of 2013, there are around 6,001,500,000 bibles printed (statistic brain). More than 2,100 different languages have at least one book of the bible printed in that specific language and just in the United States alone, 168,000 bibles are sold or passed out each day. In fact, the Bible would always

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