Reading Journalism : A Beginner Guide

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All over the world in reports, people wonder how accurate the information they’re being told by journalist is and expect proof through evidence. This is where math comes along. Without it, it would be hard to know how accurate the information journalists are receiving is. Now I know it sounds crazy that journalists do math, some people choose to define them as “word people”, but a good journalist needs to acquire a few math skills. Understanding numbers and being able to interpret their meaning clearly to readers is an important role of being a journalist. In order for readers to better understand current issues, journalists need to use their knowledge. Statistics is the main type of math found in journalism. This can be proven in newspaper articles, politics, and focusing on many different math skills.
Studying journalism gives you opportunities to venture and try different things. According to the book “Journalism: A Beginners Guide”, they stated that “Journalism, put simply, is a form of communication that tells us about events and issues of which we might not already know. The role of a journalist is similarly broad and covers more than just writing and reporting: the realm of journalism covers not only hard stores but also documentaries, features, photojournalism, business and commerce and entertainment (64, Niblock).” This is basically referring journalist as the people who convey the message out to the public. The message is the events and issues occurring. In order…

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