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Reading Management of Health Care Organizations. Jossey Bass. 2008) draws my understanding that a strategic plan is a product of strategic decision making and indicates organisations direction through its missions and vision statement, objectives and goals, swot and stakeholder analysis. Strategy is a critical element to achieving goals in any organisation. Strategy provides the direction and guides the process of obtaining desired outcomes. The five Ps of strategy plan ploy, pattern position and perspective indicates whether the strategy is short or long term.
Strategic planning
Strategic planning is a management tool that ensures actions and fundamental decisions are made which shapes and guides the organisation. The strategic management tool is useful in that it’s used for refocusing organisations energy, goal achievement, assessment tool and monitoring changes in organisations brought about by change. In my own view the use by public health practitioners, Government, stakeholders and to use strategic planning is essential in in health preventative measures, health promotion and development of healthy wellbeing. The government, and organisations undertake Strategic planning is a process, through the process questions of who, why, where and how are dresegwhose focus is on future
Organisations with strategic plans have goals that are long term essentially five year plans that guides programs and functions of administration,

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