Reading Night, The Plague And The Gospel Of Mark

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Walking into class for the first time, I did not know what to expect. I grew up going to church every Sunday and going to Sunday School after the church service, it was a Christian household. I know the stories, the important Bible versus and the songs. I would say that I know my faith, my faith was something that I knew and I wouldn 't question it. It was something I was confident with since its something I have known since birth. In this class we question faith, we question everything, even Jesus. I am learning that questions are the best way someone can learn. While reading Night, The Plague and The Gospel of Mark, I got to explore the meaning of the word God. What does the word God mean? The word God seems to be a word that most people are familiar with. Some people know believe it to be a holy name they use at church, Bible study, and other similar activities. While others might use the word when they are upset, angry, or extremely frustrated. Along with that, some might also use the word God when they are surprised or shocked. Everyone has their own opinion on what the word God means to them and for some it means a lot, while for others it is a just a word. In the book Night God seems to be a mysterious figure. The Jews have a lot of hope stored towards God which is why the Nazis try to dwindle their hope. The Nazis try to take everything away from the Jews even their beliefs. Every day that the Jews are in the concentration camps is another day they start to lose…

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