Reading Notes On Kill A Mockingbird

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Marcus Djuhadi Mrs. Dunn P.D. American Literature, Period 6 To Kill A Mockingbird - Reading Notes Summary // Style & Language // Response // Other PART ONE Chapters 1-3 Main character introduced: Jean Louise Finch (“Scout”) Her older brother: Jeremy Finch (“Jem”) Father: Atticus Finch, works as a lawyer Mother died when Scout was 2, Jem remember her but Scout does not Jean Louise explains her ancestral roots; her family seems financially secure Maycomb, Alabama is the exposition - fictional, but is a small Southern town Imagery of the town (6) - town appears nothing fancy, old & small community, heat of the south reinforced Story takes place in the early 1930s: Great Depression The setting sounds very slow/stagnant. Not much is going on - I predict this exposition correlates to the Maycomb community’s ideology and behavior Calpurnia (“Cal”) - the family cook. She is African-American The tone of the book is very mature-sounding. This is slightly confusing as I know Jean Louise is a very young girl still. She is likely very intelligent concerning Lee’s formal diction and recollection of the plot. This could also be a case of the time period. Children might be mature also because of their added responsibility (after mom passed) Use of advanced vocabulary “Jem and I found our father satisfactory… treated us with courteous detachment,” (6). “I had felt her tyrannical presence,” (7). The siblings meet and play with Charles Baker Harris (“Dill”) - he is characterized as very
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