Reading Of The Jewel Of Medina By Sherry Jones Essay

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Intro and Thesis: In the Reading of The Jewel of Medina by Sherry Jones, is about A’isha who was married at the age of nine to a Mohammed. A’isha wants to become a warrior, but is the “child-bride”, and becomes one of the favored wives of Mohammed. Before she can marry Mohammed she is forced to stay at home to remain a virgin until she is married at the age of 9. A’isha won’t have Mohammed to herself as he will marry many other women, and will have to share him. Being so young, she is unaware of how the society she resides in works. She questions the relationship she has with Mohammed, the dedication her family has towards, and how a woman who wants to be a fighter. Includes is the idea of women taking roles as leaders, and the jealousy that can be created within this religion. It I think A’isha becomes a strong role model for women, because wanted change for Muslim women, she didn’t understand the actions of women in the religion, and how she wanted the attention from Mohammed but was often overlooked. Synthesis: At a young age A’isha understood how women within her religion were treated. Being born into the Muslim religion they practiced polygyny that raised many of these questions. “Men marry women for two reasons, A’isha. To give them pleasure in bed, and to bear their children. You cannot do either for the Prophet now, not until you begin your blood flow” (Jones, 47). A’isha feels inferior to Mohammed, but she is unable to bear child yet. Women were married

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