Reading On Reading Disabilities And Dyslexia

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Everyone faces day-to-day challenges that can limit him or her in many different ways. Some struggles are easier to overcome than others, especially if the struggle is concentrated in one particular area. Yet, those who struggle with reading disabilities in general, including dyslexia may not have the easiest time overcoming it. Not being able to read may lead to other issues with spelling, grammar, and general comprehension of material. This literature review will be covering many previous done studies that focus on reading disabilities and dyslexia. Through examining this literature it should give some answer to my overall thesis, which is how is dyslexia connected to reading disabilities and what can be done to help those who are struggling. Reading Disabilities One of the first questions that should be answered is what is the definition of a reading disability. One of the books shares the following; “A reading disability exists where there is a significant discrepancy between reading ability and intellectual potential” (Roswell and Natchez 1964: 2). This is not the only definition and has been shared that, “The lack of specificity in the definition of learning disability has created considerable confusion […]” (Cornwall and Bawden 1992: 281). Knowing that not one definition fits this topic can help better understand how each piece of literature varies. How one is able to evaluate if someone has a reading disability is important in aiding what help can be given to
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