Reading Process

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The Nature of the Reading Process Reading is a complex process; it is not about identifying words but also about understanding them. Reading requires attending to the environment, encoding and interacting with the stimulus in a meaningful manner and linking the meanings of the stimulus with existing knowledge and prior experiences. Thinking Reading is a thinking process; it is not just about calling or recognizing the words on a page but understanding what was read. Therefore the reader must make inferences and think critically to understand the information presented. Thinking while reading will allow the reader to determine the author’s purpose, evaluate the information and apply the information presented in a meaningful way.…show more content…
Children with a positive attitude towards reading will spend more time and effort on the reading process than those with a negative attitude towards reading. Positive attitudes towards reading are nurtured in the home • children need to see parents reading, not just for work purposes but for pleasure • children need to have access to different reading material • parents need to read to children • parents can listen to their children read Negative Attitudes • parents do not read • teachers do not read • reading is used as punishment • no books or other reading materials are provided • reading is seen as a female activity in some homes Teachers also have a part to play in helping children develop a positive attitude to reading; they should enjoy reading and show it. Teachers should also: • provide pleasurable reading experiences for children regularly • allow time for recreational reading during school hours • read aloud on a regular basis to children • model good reading habits Teachers and parents must not use reading as a means of punishment. Ruddell (1992) talks about internal motivation and identification with a piece of literature which can take different forms that can help to make the reader a part of the story. These factors are:  seeing self as a problem solver  viewing self as a person of significance  understanding self  evoking an aesthetic sense  finding an
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