Reading: Reading Is The Heart Of Education

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Reading is an act of perception, analysis, and interpretation done by the reader to get the message to be conveyed by the author in media writing. According to Farr (in Dalman, 2013: 5) suggests that "Reading is the Heart of Education, the reading of reading comprehension is an essential prerequisite for mastery and enhancement of students' knowledge, so after reading the text the reader should be able to understand the text. First, give information, for example by reading newspapers and magazines, secondly, give entertainment, for example by reading a novel.The third one, most importantly reading can provide new knowledge.The book can provide understanding as well as entertaining and providing information.
According to Lerner (1988: 349), the ability to read is the basis for mastering various fields of study. If the child at an early age does not immediately have the ability to read, then he will have many difficulties in studying various fields of study in the …show more content…

Reading requires a habit. Without much practice, students do not have good reading skills. With a lot of reading, students will be able to find out past events, current, and can predict the events that will occur later. Students who have reading habits are capable of using time to read activities. Demand for information needs that continue to grow over time can actually be facilitated through reading activities. But this fact becomes different when the reading habits of students are still low.
Good reading habits are the key to the success of all the lessons at school. Reading is an individual effort that is sensitive to information needs and the development of science. Reading is an activity that involves physical, mind, and emotion. Therefore, reading habits among students become indispensable in learning activities. The role of students in building reading habits is necessary. Students are required to have awareness in reading

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