Reading Report on Disturbing Behaviors

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Reading Report on Disturbing Behavior

Presented to
Professor P. Gillen

YOUT 301-D01 LUO

Dana Peebles

July 11, 2015 Introduction
Throughout the years, disturbing behavior amongst teenagers and young adolescents has become increasingly intense. Despite the fact that many of these youth are looking for ways to express themselves and cope with the aspects of everyday life, they still strive for godly influences and role models within their lives. As Christians, and people of faith, it is our job to not only pray with these individuals, but to also guide them towards the Scriptures and give them examples as well as options when it comes to dealing with the consequences of these disturbing
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Knowing that the teens of the world today are God’s children, we must look at their behaviors and coping mechanisms and offer them the same assurance of Christ that the Bible has revealed to us. Throughout this book, its authors give biblical reproof by quoting Scripture and offering words of comfort that adults can then use as a tool when talking with teens about depression, sex, drugs, identity, abuse, crime, entertainment, and much more.

Personal Response
When I say “much more,” I realize that there were only 17 out of the 53 behaviors that I didn’t personally identify with. That means, that 36 of these disturbing behaviors I have done myself. While I could tell you some stories, I am more excited about the fact that God wants to take me and use me personally to witness to the youth of today. By using my own story to connect with them, I can share my experience in some of the tough areas that they may face so they don’t have to feel like they are all alone.
Growing up, I was a survivor of sexual abuse. Because of this, I became “numb physically and emotionally.” [1]. As a result, I “turned to drugs, alcohol, self-mutilation, binging and purging, promiscuity, lying, stealing, and even attempts at suicide.” [2]. My desire to “isolate and draw away from those of the opposite sex,” led me to be one of the many statistics of the “juvenile delinquent population
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