Reading Response Analysis ('Moments' by Emerson Drive)

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Recently in my English Composition class, we began learning about reading as a process. While discussing this topic, it was pointed out that when a person reads a text they bring their own life experience with them and it influences the way that the content is perceived by that person. It was also stated that, whenever a person reads, they go through three response stages in what is labeled as their reading response analysis. These three stages are: perceptions, affective response, and associative response. The perceptions are the reader’s initial impressions in response to the text; the affective response is the raw emotion that the text produces in the reader; and the associative response is where the reader determines what is behind…show more content…
I find it to be a very touching song.
While digging deeper and attempting to better understand my associative response to this song, I discovered a belief that this song elicits these particular emotional reactions from me because I have been a sufferer of depression and suicidal thoughts in varying degrees for almost as long as I can remember. I, personally, have known that feeling of complete hopelessness. I have known the feeling of believing that I had hit absolute rock bottom where there are no silver linings, no ladders back out of the hole that has been dug, and no reason to even go on for one more day. I have also come to realize, just as the man in the song did, that it can make all the difference in the world to have someone there to talk to. I believe that there are times when the only thing needed is for someone else to point out that life hasn’t always been so bad and to emphasize that there have been good times too. If there is someone who can do that, then they may also be able to stress the belief that there could be more good times coming but the storm has to run its course before the sunlight can find its way back through to shine again.
When I first heard the song “Moments” so many years ago, my initial impression was that it started out coming across as a very sad and depressing song but, at its conclusion, turned out not to be all that sad after all. In fact, contrary to the feeling
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