Reading Response For A Wild Tongue

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Reading response to “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” by Gloria Anzaldua. In Gloria Anzaldua’s 1987 article, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” she expresses some of the cultural struggles and lifestyles of the central American culture that Americans do not think about, let alone know about. She starts off illustrating an experience she had at the dentist office which triggered many thoughts and feelings about her culture. The Dentist claimed her tongue was “strong and stubborn,” in other words, “you need to tame your tongue.” She then thought back at a time, in her childhood, where she was punished for not “taming her tongue.” Only, this recollection was of a time she hadn’t tamed her native Spanish speaking tongue, which set off her memory of how her family and culture felt about children speaking at all. Gloria went on to tell about the different dialects of the Spanish language such as, how each differed, how each was generated, what the culture was like behind them, and which ones she closely identified with. Those who speak different dialects, from those in other parts of North America, have developed this feeling of isolation due to the views of those who speak the more formal dialects. Those who speak a more formal dialect may judge someone who speaks an Americanized version of Spanish dialect such as Chicano Spanish because it is seen as improper or culturally incorrect; therefore, many Spanish speakers may resort to speaking English with one another to avoid embarrassment or
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