Reading Romans Of Context : Paul And Third Temple Judaism Essay

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The purpose behind this paper is to offer a brief review on a book called “Reading Romans in Context: Paul and Second Temple Judaism” . This review will focus on four major components, first being the editor’s information. The editor’s information will cover education, any positions they hold today, and whatever scholarship information that is currently available. The second thing that will be reviewed will be a concise summary of the major theme of the book followed by the third, an honest and courteous evaluation of the book. The fourth thing that will be added is a bibliography at the end of the paper for reference of the book.
One of the first editors on the book’s list is Benjamin Blackwell, PhD. He currently holds a position at the Houston Baptist University where he is in the Department of Theology and School of Christian Thought. It is in these departments where he helps to teach students with the primary focus of the New Testament and in Theology. In these classes, he particularly likes to specialize in helping the students to understand how Christians from different time periods read the Bible differently and what the importance of the Bible is in both ancient and modern contexts. Dr. Blackwell’s educational background ties well into both his current positions and in his editing practices. His educational background consists of many degrees, starting with a Doctorate in Philosophy in both the New Testament and in Historical Theology from Durham University in

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