Reading Self-Analysis

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When I was younger, I had little to no interest in reading anything, even the sight of a book would make me cringe. I had no legitimate reason for such hatred of books, I think the silence of reading and the stillness of the activity were the biggest turn-offs for me. It was not until the 3rd grade that I realized reading was not the issue of my boredom, but rather what genres I was engaging in. My interest in reading started with “The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk” and has made me the avid reader I am today. I will give you some background concerning my great love for reading. Back in the third grade our reading class would always read books independently and take online quizzes that corresponded to the book, I would never take the time to read the book so I always received unpleasant grades for the assignments. When I was younger reading did not interest me by any means, therefore I would always skim over the text or in many instances not read the book at all. I found no enthusiasm in reading mainly because of the stillness and silence that surrounded the activity. I was a kid that had a lot of energy and disliked to be still and focused for reading time. I will discuss why this situation had changed my entire mindset on reading. One day in class we had to choose a book to read and take an online quiz on, my reading…show more content…
This experience has made me a more avid reader and changed my negative views on reading into something much more positive. Before I started reading the book that changed my mindset on reading I did not even like the appearance of a book in general, let alone the occupation of a book in my palms. Since completing the small novel I began to realize that reading was not entirely dreadful, just that I preferred certain genres and topics over others, and those preferences are what make reading more pleasant for other
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