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Reading Skill: Learners need to know how to read to get the information required, so in order to achieve effectively the purpose of reading and improve this skill, there are some activities and techniques in three different stages that have to be followed to enhance this skill .These stages are: Pre-Reading, during Reading and Post Reading. In Pre- Reading stage, instructor has to help the students in arousing their interest in the topic and prepare them to read. This is done mainly through discussing the main idea of the text (Lewis, S., 2014). Regarding the during – Reading stage ,students have to be trained on several techniques among which: - Guessing and predicting text content and unknown words. - Scanning the text quickly to get specific information. - Skimming to get an overview of the reading passage to get the main idea. - Summarizing while Reading. (Dave, M., 2015, Vegas, A. and Coronado, N., 2012, and Benjamin, W. and Rodriguez, M., 2012). After finishing reading the text, there are some main activities that may be done to ensure the understanding of it, from which: Paraphrasing the text by restating it using the student’s own words, summarizing the text by shortening it and restating only the main ideas without any details and giving questions to answer them on the read passage (Mikulecky, B., 2008). Table (3): Activities of Reading Skill Percentage % Total SVU El Menia Helwan University

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