Reading Strategies

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CAN THO UNIVERSITY ENGLISH DEPARTMENT [pic] Research Paper: READING STRATEGIES FOR ACADEMIC STUDENTS Teacher: Le Thi Tuyet Mai, M.A. Student: Chu Thi Thai Hien Class: CHAV k.17 Student’s Code: 161015 Cantho - December, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION 2 CHAPTER II: LITERATURE 4 II. 1. Definition of Strategies 4 II. 2. Distinction between Strategies and Skills 4 II. 3. Difference Strategic Readers from Poor Readers 4 II. 4. Some Methods for Teaching Reading Strategies 6 II. 4. 1. Before Reading 6 II. 4. 2. During Reading 6 II. 4. 3. After Reading 6 II. 5. Some Techniques for Teaching Reading Strategies 6 II. 5. 1. Some Techniques for Teaching Before-Reading…show more content…
He stated that strategies differentiate within an individual and that a person can use a variety of strategies to achieve his or her goal. Oxford (as cited in Oxford, 2003, p.8) defined strategies as follows: “The word “strategies” comes from the ancient Greek word strategia, which means steps or actions taken for the purpose of winning a war. The warlike meaning of strategia, has fortunately fallen away but the control and directedness remains in the version of the word.” He believed that whether a strategy is helpful or not depends on the specific context in which it is appropriately used. In order to use a strategy effectively, learners have to consider three important conditions: whether the strategy relates well to the second language task at hand, whether the strategy fits the particular students’ learning style preferences to one degree or another, or whether the students employ the strategy and link it with other strategies well. II. 2. Distinction between Strategies and Skills Strategies can be defined as conscious actions that learners take to achieve desired goals or objectives, while a skill is a strategy that has become automatic. As learners consciously learn and practice specific reading strategies, the strategies move from conscious to unconscious; from strategy to skill (Nunan, 2003). Strategic reading is defined as the ability of the reader
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