Reading The Article By Milich, Balentin And Lynam

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While I was reading the article by Milich, Balentin and Lynam I came across a few things that caught my attention. The first being about age of onset, which identifies what age group and when you should start seeing signs of ADHD in a child. I agree with the opening statement saying that it is difficult to identify children that are below the preschool age, because they have not been in a situation that requires their full attention. I think it is very hard to really diagnose a child with ADHD who does not understand what the word attention even means. I think children who are not in preschool yet and do not have to give anyone their full attention should not be labeled as ADHD. Another part in the article states that parents tend to rate their preschooler as ADHD quite high because when they are placed in a classroom for the first time and are having problems of over activity, distractibility and impulsivity. I think that a lot of parents do not understand that for the first time a child is in pre school it is the first time for many that they need to be calm, show their attention skills and cooperate with everyone else in the room. Some children do not understand or even know how to do any of those things, especially if their parents did not show them before placing them in pre-school. A lot of parents expect their child to be the best in the class and show their attention skills, but if the parents never taught them then the parent should not expect that. I also feel…
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