Reading Together, The Benefits Of Peer Teaching

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H. Seitz and C. Bartholomew discuss in their article, “Reading Together”, the benefits of peer teaching to improve language and literacy. The focus of the article was how to help develop reading skills, while showing students how enjoyable reading can be done. The article also focused on how peer teaching can benefit every student in the classroom. The article wants to help teachers find a way to improve reading skill, fluency, and comprehension skills in a way that students will find enjoyable. The article discussed how one school was able to accomplish this task and the methods in which they used to do so.
The method the school used to improve student’s enjoyment of reading and their reading skill was a type of peer teaching. The teachers paired the students in second and third grade with children in a preschool class (Seitz and Bartholomew, 2014). The teachers were in charge of the pairing of the students and stuck to mainly same sex pairings. Due to the number of preschool students participating in the program, some of the groups consisted of three students, an older student and two preschoolers.
At the beginning of the school year, the school had to adapt a curriculum which focused more on the components of linguistic structures. The goal of the curriculum was focused on improving the student’s language and literacy understanding. The second and third grade students had to be instructed on how to improve their oral reading skills. The students had to learn how to…
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