Reading Too Much Time Analysis

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My current situation with reading is that I somewhat approach it with a negative attitude, most of the time this is because of the type of text or topic; I enjoy reading scientific articles with graphics and numbers, where I can skim through many articles and understand it, even if it feels like useless knowledge, an example of what I enjoy is me reading about scientist claiming that the Iceberg that sank the Titanic was about 100,000 years old. I do realize that I enjoy reading text-only novels too, but it also depends the content if it attracts my attention. Also I never create a reading schedule, instead I just read when I feel like it (sometimes at last minute). Taking notes is difficult for me when reading, and since I don’t read fast…show more content…
I can also start having a positive attitude when I read, and forget about the negative. If I am able to do these choices I won’t have any negative thoughts while reading, which might be the cause of me reading slow, and being better with time-management it’ll help me lessen dealing with stress. Will I be able to create a schedule for reading is an easy yes, since I have been prioritizing already with my assignments, I can definitely put in time for reading assignments; along with changing my negative attitude. The only difficulty might be my willingness. I feel that adapting to reading in college will be easier to me, since it’s going to be a different environment, than trying to adapt to college reading in high school. In either case I believe I can still transform my negative thoughts into positive. I will commit to having a positive attitude when reading, so I can enjoy the reading more and maybe even increase my reading speed. I will also make time for reading so I wouldn’t have to be reading at last minute. Currently the class that I can apply these changes is in Senior Inquiry, since this is where most of my reading assignments are coming from. I will not evaluate my plan by grades I receive, but on my comprehension and notes I take on reading assignments I will be getting later since we already concluded with a
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