Reading Work : In The New Workplace Centers Around Five Adult Educators

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Summary Reading Work: Literacies in the New Workplace centers around five adult educators and scholars who challenge the meaning of literacy in workplace environments by identifying subtleties beyond reading and writing. Belfiore, Defoe, Folinsbee, Hunter, and Jackson (2004) utilize “various strands of literacy theory and research associated with social practice, sociocultural or ‘the new literacy studies’ approaches to defining literacies” (pg. 4) to define this research. Throughout the book, literacies are compared to multiple threads that are interlaced to constitute one workplace tapestry, symbolizing how literacies are affected by complex contexts and relationships.
Triple Z
Triple Z is part of a multi-national company in the U.S., located in Canada that produces pickle and relish products. Belfiore discovers through her research with Triple Z that many employees are afraid of closure and job loss due to new standards implemented for audits by different agencies. Belfiore calculates confusion among the workers regarding this new paperwork. For the laborers, productivity is more important than stopping their work to do paperwork. Belfiore deduces that there were many instances when the value of documentation was not communicated to the employees. Because of these contradictions, Triple Z is a classic example of an organization in need of literacy training.
Texco is a multi-national company selling niche fabrics worldwide. Like Triple Z, documentation impacts

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