Essay Reading, Writing and Children’s Literacy

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In order to assist children in their education, educators must have a vast knowledge of various text types and how children will learn most effectively the components of each text type as well as when and where to use them within society. As educators, we need to constantly be aware of how we can support students to use language in order to learn effectively. The purpose, structure and language features of all the various text types are essential components of an educators understanding of the subject in order for them to educate students. Halliday’s functional approach to language as well as a much broader understanding of the socio-cultural approach to language is crucial to take into consideration when planning programs to educate …show more content…
It is essential that students are aware of and know how to use the different forms of this particular text type so as they are confident when interacting within society.

Language is used to pass on culture, but its use is also determined by the culture. With the use of today’s technology the huge uptake of email, twitter and SMS, and the use of chat rooms, and Facebook, are examples of the way text is being used to establish and develop relationships (Emmitt, M., Zbaracki, M., Kimesaroff, L., Pollock, J.. 2010). It is important as educators that we are aware of the latest technology and how it is used to be able to incorporate these highly evolved ways of using language communication to best educate our students.

Writing is a phenomenon invented by humans to help in the communication process – it has become a social and cultural process in most societies today. Children need writing skills in a literate society. There is a close relationship between speech and writing, each reinforcing the other in the process of language development in children (Winch, G., Ross Johnston, R., Holliday, M., Ljungdahl, L., March, P.). As educators, we must to remember that learning is a social process and that a large amount of learning takes place in a social establishment within the school environment (Emmitt at al., 2010). Emmitt explains that our culture influences our way of thinking and acting and therefore learning, with this in mind it is then
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