Essay on Reading, Writing and Literacy

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I wouldn’t say that I am a good writer, and I really don’t like to read books either. Through my years in school I became literate in these two categories. I was and still am not interested in writing, or reading books in my spare time. The only writing I have ever done is for school. Writing just does not interest me, and the only reading I do out of class is reading about sports in magazines, or reading the news, or looking at web pages. I have only read a couple of books on my own, 95% of all the books I have read have been for school. The reason for not writing out of class is probably attributed to the fact that I am a very impatient person, and I have a short attention span. I have no interest in writing and reading so when …show more content…
The way it helps me out is if I’m starting to get bored typing a paper I don’t have to leave the computer I could go on the internet and look at ESPN for a couple of minutes and after I check out last nights scores I can go back to writing my paper. Because of my computer literacy there are a numerous amount of things I know I can do on a computer like listen to music, get on the internet, check e-mail, watch a movie, talk to a friend, etc. It might take my attention away from typing but it is only for a little bit, and then I am back to typing. In the long run I can get the assignment done faster than just sitting in one spot with no distractions around because I will eventually step away and start doing something else, then someone might call me to go some where and I will forget about the paper and leave.

I myself am more of a “hands-on” type of learner; I would rather see demonstrations on what I need to do and be told why it was done that way, and the reason for it. Some subjects don’t need to be taught with the hands-on approach. But now since I am in college the responsibility between the teachers and myself has shifted, I now have to seek out the information instead of the teacher’s hand feeding it to me. One of my strengths is Restorative, which means that I like to solve problems. It applies to my style of learning because if I don’t understand something I do all I can to understand it. I now
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