Reading the Old Testament Essay

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The Old Testament and the Bible itself has been studied extensively for centuries. Archeologists and Scholars have labored and pondered over texts trying to decipher its clues. It does not matter how many times the Old Testament has been studied there will always be something new to learn about it or the history surrounding it. In the book Reading the Old Testament: an Introduction, the author Lawrence Boadt presents us with a few different authors of the Old Testament that used different names for God and had a unique insight into the texts. These four sources are titled P for priests, E for Elohim, J for Jehovah, and Y for Yahweh (95). These four unique sources help us realize that there is more than one author of the Pentateuch. These…show more content…
The sources that do not come from the bible specifically are ones that have everything to do with it but show some insight as to the history of it. They help peel a little off the mystery that the bible is surrounded by. The Nova website gives us an insurmountable amount of information about the archeology, history, and thoughts on the bible. Therefore without these sources, we would be in the dark on what was behind the bible and without that knowledge people would be more skeptical of the bible that has no background to as how it came to be in existence. If there was no history or sources behind it then we would have no idea why these authors felt compelled to write anything and what their culture was like that influenced it. Most importantly we would never be able to answer the question, who wrote the bible? Higher criticism are techniques of analysis to find out what circumstances surrounded the writing of the bible, how many versions there are, and plenty of other questions (Boadt 80). One of these criticisms is source criticism which is also called “literary criticism.” This deals with whether earlier to the written word we have if there were others before and how they were incorporated into the present text (Boadt 81). In the bible especially in the Pentateuch there is a considerable amount of evidence in the text of more than one
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