Readinmg Awareness

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1. (Directed Writing)—Reading Awareness 17,Jalan 18/62B, Bandar Menjalara Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur. 15 October 2010 Dear Mei Li, How are you? I hope you are in pink of health, we never contacted each other after the English Society Annual Dinner. I have attended a ‘Reading Awareness’ camp recently, this camp was organized by district education office. I feel this event is quite interesting, I want to share with you here. This event was held last week, we congregated in our school hall. The main purpose of this event is raise awareness of reading. Students are encouraged to read newspaper such as Star and New Straits Times. The benefits or…show more content…
2. First of all, I have ample reasons to believe that teenagers play truant become continuously increase. Teenagers play truant normally is influence by their peer influence, because some parents pay less attention on their children. Some parents even assume their children able to take care of themselves. Therefore, teenager’s mentality become unstable parents always neglected their feeling and never try to understand them. Consequently, they seek comfort and solace from their friends. 3. Some teenagers may lost interest of learning because they are unable to cope their homework and handle their stress. So, they escape this stress by skipping class together. 4. Here are my suggestion on how to overcome this. Teachers should monitor student’s behavior in school. For those who lead their classmates to play truant must be give warning or send them for counseling. Strict punishments should raise in school as foreboding to the students. Anyone students outside our school compound will straight away report to police. 5. The school should organize awareness campaign at school and invite parents to participate. The head teacher should have dialogues with parents on the
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