Ready To Learn. Education Is One Of The Most Important

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Ready to Learn Education is one of the most important possessions someone can receive in a lifetime. A good education is the foundation to success. It is important to provide the youth with the essential skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed throughout life’s many challenges. With this foundation of a good education an individual can truly achieve their dreams or goals. It is a teacher’s job to provide this education, by not only teaching their subject, but to develop critical thinking skills and how to apply the knowledge learned into everyday life. The subject is important, but the teacher should strive to get the students to apply the knowledge and make them think outside the box. Doing this allows for a deeper…show more content…
Teachers should be active learners. They need to expand their knowledge of the subject and continue to be a student in their content area. This will help the teacher use real life examples and bring the material to life to the students. My experiences with adolescents have been primarily through umpiring baseball games. This was a great experience in teaching young adolescents how to play the game and interacting with them in a fun setting. This was great setting for teaching because they were all active in the event and participating where learning comes easy. I was able to guide them but not interfere in their learning of the game of baseball. Also I interacted with the coaches mentioning points to them that may want to improve on or work on in practice. The umpire is a position of authority and respect and great platform to instruct, but a majority of the time it is the umpires goal to not be seen and stay out of the spotlight. My practicum experience was much different, I interacted the students in more one on one sessions as I answered questions and helped them with the task they were assigned to do. This interaction shows that independently learning is great way to get a deeper understanding and with the guidance of the teacher to reinforce important ideas and answer questions. The practicum experience was a good place to reinforce my thoughts about academics and see them in action. The role of the teacher as previously touched upon is a facilitator and

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