Reag A Successful Presidency

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Since Reagan experienced such a successful presidency, due to his conservative policies accomplishing their goals, many liberal-minded people switched their views. After the conservative success of the early and mid-eighties, the amount of people who views themselves as liberals decreased. In a 1996 poll, “only 10 percent of Democratic voters identified themselves as ‘liberals’—that is, people who want economic redistribution” (Hannaford). This fact itself showed that people who once believed in the power of the government and free spending to help stabilize the economy, either acquired a more moderate approach of less government interference or switched to a conservative view of limited government or controlled spending. A political…show more content…
Ever since then, politicians who want to be viewed as a conservative person who can bring success try to compare themselves to Reagan. They use Reagan as a mold for their policies and platforms they pitch at the citizens. Present day Republicans running for president are the guiltiest of trying to be like Reagan. They all claim they are children of the Reagan Revolution to bring in voters who remember the Reagan success and also are trying to persuade moderate and conservative Democrats who united under Reagan to come to their side. Reagan’s success as president was so apparent that even members of the opposite party do not argue his success. While the facts and accomplishments show that his president was a success and the best of the modern era, there are still some people who try to argue that his presidency was not as successful. The main argument people with a negative view of Reagan’s presidency have is that he was too old to truly serve. When Ronald Reagan was elected, he was the oldest president elected at age 69 years old and by the time his presidency was over, he was 77 years old. Being so old, citizens and member of the media worried that common old age problems like memory loss would inhibit Reagan from being able to fulfill his duties as president. To prevent any health related problems from obstructing him as president, Reagan surrounded himself with top-tier advisors who were

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