Reagan 's Scandal Of The Iran Contra Scandal

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Vanessa Acheampong-Tieku

US History B Band

Due: Tuesday May 31, 2016

11th grade History PBA

Reagan’s Scandal of the Iran Contra Scandal: Detecting Brave Politics and testing boundaries

Question: Did President Ronald Reagan know about the decision by White House aide Oliver North and National Security Advisor John Poindexter to divert profits from sales to Iran to buy weapons for rebels? Why did President Ronald Reagan change his opinions about his knowledge of his role in the Iran Contra Scandal?

Almost twenty years after the notorious Watergate scandal, the Iran Contra Affair took the nation by storm in the 1980s. It was a grand plan that violated American law and policy altogether as it undermined the public trust in government foreign policy. Throughout the Reagan administration, the U.S. had vowed to take an oath to never negotiate with terrorists. Since 1979, the U.S. placed an embargo against Iran because of Iran’s support to terrorism. However, in August of 1985, the U.S. began an undercover mission to sell arms to Iran in exchange to free hostages. In January of 1986, the administration decide that they would use the profits from the arms sold to Iran to aid the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. The integrity of the Reagan administration was faded away because of their actions to keep unauthorized activities hidden from Congress and the American people. Despite Reagan’s constant denial of his knowledge about the scandal, Reagan was shrewd politician and was able…

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