Real Air Force Narrative

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His eyes nearly popped out of the sockets and I thought he was going to fall. He busted out in laughter and said, “Dude, you better grab your orders and go to the squadron for check in before they mark you as being AWOL (Absent Without Leave).” My mind started racing and my thoughts were all over the place. The little voice in my head was asking questions and trying to provide answers. It went something like this: How can I be AWOL if I am here, in the country and on base with a dorm room? What the hell? I am still getting used to the “Real” Air Force; the one that requires me to act on my own and take initiative. Shit, this is a far cry from my first six months where it was drilled into me that I don’t do anything until I am told. Now, I…show more content…
It was explained that the Filipinos, frequently canvassed the base and had no problem walking off with anything that wasn’t bolted down. To them, everything had value including large trash cans marked: Property of the U.S. Government. That point was driven home with the story of a K-9 handler named, Senior Airman Robert Gray. One an evening in January of 1978, he was in pursuit of several intruders near the flight line. After he released his dog and attempted apprehension, one of the intruders brutally stabbed Airman Gray. Then, they stole his service revolver and shot his dog, Casey. Sadly, Airman Gray died of the wounds suffered in the skirmish; however, Casey survived his gunshot wounds and was returned to duty. Airman Gray was only 22 years old when his watch ended. Airman Gray didn’t sacrifice his life raiding the beaches of Normandy or on a battlefield in the jungles of Vietnam; however, he did fight for rights and freedoms of Americans everywhere. He was a dedicated Air Force Security Policeman committed to serving his country. Airman Gray’s legacy provided the 3rd Security Police with the tools to design a superior training program that would assure more American lives were not lost over petty
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