Real Cost Of Paradise By Iolani Palace

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Real Cost of Paradise ‘Iolani Palace, Gets Assisted Financially to Preserve and Restore its History History is vital because it passes down information and wisdom. For this reason, there are museums and monuments that are taken care of to keep its appearance and significance alive as well as realistic. ‘Iolani Palace, once home to the late Queen Lili‘uokalani, is no exception. ‘Iolani Palace is a historic landmark that plays a vital key in Hawaiian history and culture. ‘Iolani Palace was built to serve as a monarchial seat and residence for the king or queen at the time and now functions as a museum. It is important for people to be aware of the changes that happened at ‘Iolani Palace because it plays a significant role in Hawaiian history. The significance of ‘Iolani Palace will always be represented in its history and foundation of Hawai’i; therefore, it should continue to receive funds to educate people from around the world. ‘Iolani Palace was built by King Kalākaua to replace a smaller royal building and in turn it “responded to intensifying European and American colonizing activities” (Kamehiro 4). King Kalākaua wanted a palace that would replicate those he saw when he toured the world. The palace was the first building to have electricity, the telephone and indoor plumbing, which was four years before the White House received these accommodations. Along with these special accommodations that the palace was able to have, it was also home to many important events

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