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Schools should teach students skills to function in the real world because students are not prepared for the transition from school to a functioning society. As a high school student, I have come to question the educational system; and how the knowledge that I’ve gained can be applied in real life. I feel that schools should teach students financing, basic automobile mechanics, and more first aid. The educational system is failing students on a daily basis. I’m not saying that knowledge isn’t important, but knowing how to apply that knowledge in the real world is.

As a student, preparing to go to college; I have to take various classes to ready myself. Social studies, math, language arts, and science are the core subjects of my classes. Being able to make good grades in these classes may be enough to make
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Schools should assume the responsibility of preparing students for life after school. Not knowing where to go or how to start life can be a scary thing for most. I have personally given thought to life after school. I usually end up asking myself “Why do I need to learn all this information if I'm never going to apply it to my real life?” I have come to understand that every teacher values their class and the information they teach, but how can that information help a student in everyday life? Dissecting a frog is a pretty easy lab grade, but I won’t use that in my everyday life after school. Show me how to make money instead of how to make an equation balanced. Tell me why knowing how to do an essay is more important than knowing how to manage a budget. Tell me how knowing past events is relative to an uncertain future. Give me a reason for writing until my hand hurts and reading until my eyes hurt. Tell me why I have to stress over classes that might not even matter in 10 years. These are the answers I
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