Real Estate And Social Media

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Nicole Curesky
Professor Laendner
Business 472
October 15, 2014
Real Estate Sales and Social Media In this chapter, I will trace the evolution and development of real estate websites and social media. Specifically, I will address how real estate was marketed prior to the internet, the introduction of social media, and the evolution of real estate websites and social media throughout the years.
Real Estate Marketing Prior to the Internet Before the introduction of the internet as a marketing tool for real estate agents, the deciding factor of an agent’s success relied solely on their sphere-of-influence and knowledge of the market. The more contacts an agent had, the greater the ability to receive business referrals and customers on a consistent basis. An agent’s exclusive knowledge of the real estate market, inventory, schools, neighborhoods, home values, and the purchasing and/or selling process made them a vital tool to potential homeowners and customers alike. (Stewart, 1) The most common method for advertising an agent or a real estate listing before the internet was print. Agents and offices pay to advertise listings or run branding ads in their local newspapers and magazines. Although still used today, print advertising is becoming less effective with the use of the internet and quite expensive compared to digital means.
Open houses also played an important role in finding buyers while at the same time allowing real estate agents to expand their sphere-of-influence.…
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