Real Estate Case Study

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Marketing Real Estate to International Investors International Investing in NYC Real Estate It is no secret that foreign buyers make up a large percentage of the market in New York City. There are several factors for this including: NYC is possibly the most popular city in the world because of culture, commerce, and location. Real Estate is a safe haven in uncertain times, with real estate assets tending to hold their value in volatile cycles. And NYC history shows, that no matter where the market goes (up OR DOWN), NYC always recovers and recovers greatly and stronger than most other markets in the world. These are just some reasons why NYC is the capital of the world when it comes to real estate investment. Knowing this is one…show more content…
“How do you find the real estate foreign portals in a particular language for comparison? Open up a search engine that is most often used by people in that country, and search for “real estate in NYC” (or put there any other name of your area or city), in that foreign language of course. Then go through all the websites on the first page of the results, and also pay attention to the ads there, and you will certainly find several real estate portals. “Now, this way you have actually done what potential international investors would do while searching for their dream home in the U.S., and if you list or advertise on one of those portals in their language you will be found by the foreign buyers for sure. “If you only want to test the waters of international marketing, then posting one or two or several of your typical properties on a foreign real estate portal for a period of time could be your best option, before you can decide to commit to starting your own
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