Real Estate Industry in the Philippines

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The Industry a.) Brief background and history ( size, importance, market and growth trends) Real estate companies deals with the development retail, industrial, residential, medical and business office facilities and buildings. These can be residential apartments, shopping centers, factories, retirement homes, offices and etc. XRC resources holds companies under it that develop community malls falling under the retail category. According to the Department of the National Statistics office there were 28,347 buildings/ houses constructed in the 1st quarter of 2011 costing about P52,771,886 thousand, 27,525 in the 2nd quarter costing P55,669,177 thousand, 25,255 in the 3rd quarter costing about P41, 628,460 thousand and with the fourth…show more content…
The company plans to begin constructing new malls in both the Philippines and China having a capital expenditure for 2012 of Php 21 billion, Php 14 billion for the Philippines and Php 7 billion for China. Robinsons land corporation Robinsons Prime Holdings is the real estate investment arms of JG Summit Holdings inc. engaged in numerous projects such as operation and development of malls, hotels, offices, residential buildings and other multi use properties. The company is one of the Philippines major players in the real estate industry in terms of its size and number of projects and is continuously growing. As of 2011 Robinsons Prime holdings is holding 29 malls nationwide compromising of 6 malls located in Metro Manila and 23 malls in other provincial cities throughout the Philippines. Expanding to other regions by opening 7 new malls and 3 expansion projects to sustain its growth momentum. Having revenue of Php 6.21 billion for 2011 which comes from the commercial center division alone. c.) Key external forces affecting the industry A. Socio-cultural Environment The retail leasing industry highly depends on the foot traffic it can draw in its shopping centers and malls in order for it to get good tenants. Good can be defined as tenants

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