Real Estate Investor Personal Statement

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As long as I could remember I wanted to help my family, I wanted everyone I knew, and especially everyone I was close to be so financially secure that they could buy pretty much everything they wanted. I didn’t want my father being ashamed to say no when my siblings and I were asking for something, and I didn’t like how my father was working two dead end jobs to support the life we were living, and to pay of the credit card debt that we accumulated. I wanted to work in my father stead, I wanted to lift him of his burdens and be the man that did everything for his family, I wanted to be the column, the support of the family. When I was younger I wanted to be everything, I wanted to be a trauma surgeon, I wanted to be a lawyer, a detective, military personnel, I …show more content…

I wanted to be an investor, I wanted to be a real estate investor. My goal was to start a real estate investment company, as soon as I turned eighteen, but it would be a long- way till then. I went to the vocational school to study civil engineering, and architecture, that is what most real estate developers go to school for, and that is what I was learning in high-school. My junior year of high-school, was when I start paving my future, it was when I chose my board of directors for my company. It was my close friends who I chose. Max, my middle school best friend, he was going to be the COO, Andrea, my high school best friend, he was going to be the CTO, Jonathan, my friend who was in the business shop, he was going to be the CFO, Hunt, my friend who was going to be the CMO, Josh who was not on the board but was a senior member was going to be STO he was going to handle the technology of the company, and myself, I was going to be the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of the

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