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REAL ESTATE AND HOUSING ASSOCIATION OF BANGLADESH Bye- Laws on Code of Business Conduct REHAB is committed towards the enhancement and growth of the Real Estate Sector of Bangladesh. REHAB members recognise that for sustainable long term growth of this sector, they must conduct their business with a high degree of professionalism, fairness, integrity and ethics. In recognition of the member’s responsibility and obligation to Customers, Land Owners, fellow members, the public and the country, the Executive Committee of the Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh 2008-2009 exercising the power conferred upon it under clause VI. B of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh…show more content…
04. The gross area of the flats as mentioned in the deed of agreement shall mean the area of the apartment measured from outside perimeter of the apartment plus the proportionate share of the common area meaning stair landing area, reception area, committee room area, drivers waiting room, mosque etc. 05. If at the time of handover of the apartment to the customer it is found that the gross area of the apartment is more or less than the originally agreed area beyond a tolerance limit of 2% (two percent)], then either party shall be liable to compensate the other. However, the customer reserves the right to get refund of his money if he does not wish to accept the larger apartment (beyond 2% tolerance). The REHAB member will refund this money within 3 months from the date of a written request to this effect from the customer. 06. REHAB members will not change or substitute the apartment or plot of land originally allotted to the customer without the customer’s written consent. 07. REHAB members will not cancel the allotment of the apartment or plot of land for non payment of dues by the customer without serving the customer 30 (thirty) days notice of cancellation. This notice of cancellation may be served if the customer has delayed the payment of installment by 30 (thirty) days or more. However, if the customer is a habitual defaulter, then such notice is not mandatory on the REHAB member if the customer has defaulted on the due date of payment by more

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